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Statemeant supports the Fatima Tubman Foundation

The Fatima Tubman Foundation is an organisation aimed at supporting and empowering communities through diversity and good deeds.

There are a number of projects which will focus specifically on the needs of people within London and surrounding areas. The first project been launched is ‘Feeding Folk’. Feeding folk sees a group of volunteers take to the streets of London with the view to assist the homeless. As well as providing food and drink, one of our basic needs which many take for granted, another aim is to try and offer advice and support in relation to temporary accomodation.

Other projects include ‘Feeding Families’ ‘Befriending Folk’ ‘Penpals in Prison’ as well as a mentoring project.

More information will be available when the website launches early next year so look out for updates if you would like to be involved.

In the meantime, stay in touch using the facebook and twitter pages.

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